Pelle Line Exclusive Alden Tanker Boot 5916 Cordovan 360 Antiqued Natural welt

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Alden 5916
Dark Burgundy
  • High-quality, fatigue-resistant cordovan leather upper
  • Comfortable, durable Alden Commando Sole
  • Built around the Barrie last - ideal for wider feet
  • Made for all-day comfort

This variant of the classic Alden Tanker Boot is the utter embodiment of industry-leading craftsmanship and high-quality materials, available only here at Pelle Line. These Alden Tanker Boots (in 5916 cordovan, antiqued with a natural welt) merge the classic appeal and rugged durability of their classic tanker boots with a unique twist in personality.

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These Tanker Boots are what Alden would refer to as a “Norwegian Front Boot,” with a moccasin, “Moc” toe with a unique toe seam (creating a split-toe) along the front that adds class and eye-catching character. 

These unique boots require some of the greatest skill and attention to detail to create out of all of Alden’s product line, resulting in a classic boot with old-world style and new-world construction that is just as easy on the eyes as it is to wear. 


Fatigue Resistant Cordovan

The staple of these boots is the exceptionally high-quality cordovan leather from which they are painstakingly produced. Don’t be fooled; no two grades of leather are alike in quality and character and when it comes to durability and fatigue resistance, genuine shell cordovan is nearly impossible to be.

Produced from the hindquarters of a horse, and named after the city of Cordoba (Cordova) in Spain where this type of leather was originally largely produced, shell cordovan leather is exceptionally resistant to fatiguing and creasing, even with heavy wear. 

Unlike other grades of leather that will crease sharply and can crack with heavy wear, cordovan instead develops gentle folds along high-stress areas, enabling it to develop a unique patina and personality of its own. 


Durable, Long-Lasting Commando Sole and Unrivaled Comfort

These shoes feature a natural welt and are built around Alden’s Barrie Last, which provides more room in the toe and is gently rounded. Shoes built around these lasts are ideal for wearers with medium to wide feet.

They also feature Alden’s Commando Sole which has mastered the delivery of both class and comfort. It is built with Alden’s classic leather sole but features a rubber lug at the front of the sole and over the heel. 

This not only protects the natural leather underneath but adds unparalleled comfort and traction, even on slippery surfaces and in the most inclement conditions. Like all Alden Shoes, the soles of these boots are further reinforced with a tempered steel shank that adds stability and cuts back on fatigue even after long hours spent on your feet.


Alden Tanker Boots: A Lifetime Investment

These Pelle Line Exclusive Alden Tanker Boots, like all of Alden’s footwear, are a lifetime investment. Made from ultra-durable, ultra-premium materials and featuring the finest construction possible, Alden Shoes are made to go the distance. The company also offers resoling and restoration services so you can continue to get the true mileage out of your Alden Shoes even when the soles have worn down. 

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How to take care of your leather shoes:

  1. To start, brush your shoes to remove dirt and dust. You should have a brush specifically for this job; do not use the same brush you use for polishing. If brushing does not remove all the dirt, you can use a damp cloth (without any soap or cleaning solvent) to clean away tougher dirt. Make sure you let the shoes air dry before you continue the process.

  2. Once dry, spread a small amount of Polish or Shoe Cream evenly over the shoes with a cotton cloth or brush—if you use a brush, try to keep specific ones for each color of polish. Leave the polish or shoe cream to soak for 2-3 minutes, usually the time it takes to cover the other shoe.

  3. After the polish has had the chance to settle into the leather, brush the shoes all over with a shoe brush—preferably a horsehair brush due to its softness. Brushing will remove most of the polish or cream and even out the color of the shoes again, bringing out the leather’s natural shine.

  4. Finally, buff the shoes with a cotton cloth for a final shine and to remove any brush marks. Don’t buff the shoes too hard, as this produces friction and that heat can mark lighter colored leathers (this isn’t an issue with black).

If You invest in high quality footwear, spend a little more and treat them to high quality polish, shoe cream and renovator, we recommend all of the products from our Saphir collection, the finest producer of shoe care goods in the world

More tips to take care of your shoes:

  1. Use Cedar Shoe trees , Always remember to insert your shoe trees after wear, Cedar absorbs moisture and keeps leather from cracking.

  2. Dry wet shoes on a shoe rack, allowing air to flow around them. Leather soles will not dry out if wet shoes are simply kicked off and left on a cold floor. Never dry your shoes on a direct heat source—it will dry and crack the leather in no time and is very, very bad for the shoes’ longevity

  3. If your shoes are dirty or dusty, use a soft brush to give them a quick brush before you store them. If they’re wet, wait until they’re dry and then brush.

  4. If you can, rotate your shoes. Buy more than one pair and try not to wear the same pair on consecutive days.

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