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A. Testoni - 60082 Alligator Penny Loafer - Brown
Full alligator penny loafer

Amedeo Testoni was born in 1905 in Bologna Italy, a historic center of shoemaking craftsmanship. His dream was to produce the finest mens shoes and see them in the most prestigious shops in the world. Testoni mastered the art of shoe making by working as an apprentice in the main workshops in town. This experience combined with his entrepreneurial spirit, led him to establish the firm of a. testoni in 1929. All a. testoni shoes are crafted in Italy using only the finest leathers and fabrics. Complex designs and Bologna construction give a testoni shoes unmatched flexibility. Each shoe is a masterpiece.

Color: Brown
Country of Origin: Italy

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A. Testoni
A. Testoni - 60082 Alligator Penny Loafer - Brown

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